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Hello, my name is Guillermo Alarcón, I was born in the city of Barcelona in 1984.

My life has always been linked to sport since I was 6 years old practicing soccer, martial arts and movement, through Taekwondo, KickBoxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Capoeira where I teach classes in several cities. All of this has had a great influence on me.

To continue being in shape I began to look for other disciplines such as Pilates that gave me other types of benefits. It was from practice that I began to become professionally interested and more curious about this discipline, which led me to train in several schools (Peak Pilates, Stott Pilates) and attend specific courses.

Guillermo Alarcón


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Pilates is a very complete tool for postural re-education and rehabilitation.

The movement of our body has to be in rhythm with our breathing and our awareness of all joint parts and extremities. At the same time, knowing where they are at all times in space.

Exercises with or without materials where a specific work method is carried out along with movement patterns that can be extrapolated to fit into our daily lives.